3rd EAPC Course
on Sports Cardiology

30-31 August 2017

Organised by the Working Group of Sports Cardiology and Arrhythmia Section. Cardiovascular Institute. Hospital Clinic. University of Barcelona

Course director: Lluís Mont

Co-directors: Luis Serratosa, Marta Sitges

Committee: Hein Heidbuchel, Michel Papadakis, Antonio Pelliccia, Maria Sanz, Sanjay Sharma, Erik Solberg

Faculty: Josep Brugada, Mats Borjeson, John Camm, François Carré, Eduard Guasch, Hein Heidbuchel, André Lagerche, Rachel Lampert, Lluís Mont, Michel Papadakis, Antonio Pelliccia, Guido Pieles, Maria Sanz, Luis Serratosa, Sanjay Sharma, Marta Sitges, Erik Solberg

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